vintage wedding gown

That big day in Buffalo is coming.  Like any bride, you want to look perfect and one-of-a-kind on your special day. Wearing vintage will make that happen.

Vintage wedding dresses come in so many shapes, colors, designs, and styles. It takes focus to reach a final decision and walk down that aisle with the right vintage wedding dress of your dreams. Here are some guidelines in helping you choose the vintage wedding dress of your dreams:

  • Decide if you want to wear white. If you are a conventional bride, you would choose a white vintage dress. Most modern brides do not want to wear white anymore. In choosing a colored wedding dress, you should consider your skin and hair color. It is always best to consult a stylist and to try on various vintage wedding dresses before you make your decision.
  • Do your homework. You can find shops for vintage wedding dresses online and offline. Search for vintage boutiques so that you can try on the wedding gowns. You can also look for online vintage wedding gown stores that have myriad collections and price ranges from which to choose.
  • You do not have a small dress size. Vintage wedding dresses were made for women who were much smaller back then. For bigger sizes, you can choose from vintage wedding dresses made during the 1950s because wedding dresses were mass produced back then. If you find a wedding dress close to your present dress size, you can just have your dressmaker make necessary adjustments.
  • Look for deal breakers. Once you find your vintage wedding dress, look for these issues, which should be remedied with enough money, patience, and time:
  •  Stains on the underarm area
  •  Stains on the satin
  •  Tears or breaks in the lace details
  •  Shattering or dry fabric (usually on dresses made in the 1920s)
  •  Faded fabric (rayon-crepe)
  • o Staining on fabric (rayon-crepe)

Vintage wedding gowns are unique. They come in more designs and they have better quality. Make sure that the vintage wedding gown you choose represents your personality. Walk down the aisle with beauty, class, and timeless style with the vintage wedding dress of your dream

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