Niagara Falls is a beautiful gift that Mother Nature has given the people of New York. Thousands of people visit and  marvel at its magnificence daily.

With the breathtaking falls and lush greenery, it is only natural for couples to choose Niagara Falls as the backdrop for their engagements and weddings. To immerse into the majesty of Niagara Falls, couples choose to have their weddings outdoors.

Why get married indoors when you can incorporate nature by having an outdoor wedding?

Here are some outdoor wedding venues you could consider for your Niagara Falls wedding:

• Oakes Garden Theatre. If you want a dramatic, romantic outdoor wedding, then the Oakes Garden Theatre is the place to exchange your vows. Its unique pergolas are set against the Bridal Veil Falls. Anyone would be in tears once they witness your exchange of vows in such a place that highlights love.

• Butterfly Conservatory. If a tropical outdoor wedding venue is the one you want without spending thousands on air fare, the Butterfly Conservatory is the place for you. The Conservatory is always filled with colorful flowers, constantly courted by at least two thousand uncaged tropical butterflies. Just make sure you contact their wedding specialists to talk about the schedule and special permission.

• Botanical Garden Willow Pond. This is an enchanting venue, hidden way in their Botanical Garden. If you want a fairy tale outdoor wedding set among willow trees and their pond, this is the venue for you.

• Dufferin Islands. The Dufferin Islands is ten acres of pure paradise. You will absolutely fall for this secluded park, which consists of small islands. You can move from island to island with the footpaths and bridges that connect them.

• Floral Showhouse Gardens and Tropical Foyer. Celebrate your love in an elegant rose garden while subtle roar of the Niagara Falls envelops the ceremony from a distance. Walk among the tall grasses, beside the lovely pond in the Artist’s Garden during your serene outdoor wedding ceremony.

Niagara Falls is a treasure for everyone to behold and for every couple to keep in their wedding memories. Start calling the given venues and have your upcoming wedding an outdoor one at Niagara Falls

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