Budget Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors should reflect a genuine “Thank you” from you and your spouse because your guests spent time and effort to attend your wedding. Your dream wedding doesn’t need lavish favors at all. You can make personalized wedding favors with your personal touch without even breaking your bank. Here are some ideas that could inspire you:

  •  Apple butter in small jars. Apple butter is a simple homemade treat that you can make ahead of time and place in cute little jars as wedding favors. You can then wrap it with ribbons that have the colors of your wedding motif.
  •  Salt and pepper. Everyone knows that salt and pepper bring about the flavors of food. They can very well represent you and your spouse. Look for special types of salt and pepper, put them in small glass containers and decorate them with your thoughts.
  • erbs in pots. You can buy seedlings of herbs from your favorite herb store or raise them from seeds yourself. Place them in glass or terra cotta pots and decorate them as you please.
  • Custom made candies. You can search for recipes of candies that you can tweak by adding your personal touch. Add edible glitter or your wedding’s colors and place them in glass jars. These sweet bites can put a smile on every face at your reception.
  • Flavored kombucha. This is a healthy and delicious wedding favor for every guest at your wedding. They will enjoy the kombucha drink, which you can very well make ahead of time. Search for kombucha makers and purchase starter kits for this project. Once it is ready, put them in individual bottles with personal labels and tags.
  • Spice mix. If you are known for your cooking or love of food, why not bottle a special herb mix, which contains spices you have chosen for your wedding feast? This will make your guests remember the food they enjoyed during your special day.

These are just samples of what you can come up with for your wedding favors. Be creative! With your DIY wedding favors, you can make your wedding much more memorable.