Honeymoon Escapes – how long to stay away?

How long should you take for your honeymoon? This all depends on your budget and the value you get for your money. Take what the two of you feel comfortable in taking.. It’s completely up to your own tastes, budget, and time constraints.

Package vacations usually come in three-, four-, and seven-night lengths, with the option of adding additional nights if you like. If you’re setting up your own vacation, then the, your budget is the limit.

If your budget is a major factor, why not have a four-night trip. You’ll have a little time to start to feel at home and, get into the honeymoon state of mind. Enjoy some well earned time together after all the planning of the wedding.

On a week-long trip, you’ll start to feel really relaxed and you’ll also have some time for exploring whatever region you choose.

A long weekend honeymoon may be just right for you. These extended weekend honeymoons give you the chance to mark the occasion of your wedding with a little time away from home.

So where will you go on a long weekend honeymoon? Close to home so travel time is short. Consider a honeymoon suite in a downtown hotel as weekend rates can often be a fraction of the weekday rate. Perhaps a Bed and Breakfast would suit you both with some time to relax in a quiet setting.

Close to home places like Niagara Falls where you can rent a vacation house rather than a hotel and have real luxury and privacy are great ways to get a  honeymoon on a budget.

Many couples postpone their honeymoon a few months. This gives them a chance to settle into their new life together. This can also provide couples with the chance to catch a bargain season at their chosen honeymoon destination.

Other couples choose to honeymoon right after their wedding. Straight from their wedding, they start their honeymoon as man and wife.

Which is best for you? Only the two of you can decide!

Niagara Falls is an ideal destination for your honeymoon Niagara Weddings USA provide lovely ceremonies, local places to stay include The Butler House and Life is Good Vacations.